Class Conversation: Rachel

During Wednesday’s class, Rachel sat on my right side and I wanted to talk to her but I somehow sensed that she would rather be alone so that is what I did. It was not until Glenn went over the points on Beachboard that I had to ask, “Did you do well with the points? Because I did terrible!”

Once we started talking, my perspective changed completely and now I thought she was a warm and funny person. We talked about how her boyfriend is a photographer and when she told him of the next activity, he was way too excited for her. I asked how her weekend was and she explained how she almost met the mayor of Los Angeles when he went to visit a new hotel she helped with a bit but she couldn’t and was pretty bummed about it.

At one point, it was funny because she explained how she came to CSULB straight out of high school, took a year off to save some money and came back to campus. Under definition she is a freshmen but she feels sheepish in her GE courses as those students think she is their age but she is actually almost 21.

We then exchanged numbers and went on our way.


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