Art Care Package

For this activity, I decided to send my care package to my boyfriend. He only lives about 30 minutes away but I felt a strong need to send this.

Currently, I am cast in a play, I am taking 20 units and have two jobs. With all of this going on, I can’t see my boyfiend as often as I would like to. During winter break, I would spend about 4 days a week at my boyfriend’s house but now that school started, it is much less. Of course I am willing to sacrifice what I want for my education and he doesn’t live THAT far but I always want to make sure he knows how often I think about him.

For this kit, I featured the school’s newspaper, a small blank journal, a play about jazz musicians, and a little note. The reason for the newspaper and book is because I wanted him to get an inside look into what my dyas have been filled with. The reason for the journal is because I know he has a lot going on and I think it would help for him to write it all out.

I truly loved doing this activity because it is surprisingly intimate. Of course I could send my boyfriend a snapchat or text but to recieve physical things that I touched before, it gives the whole exprience a more intimate feeling.

I think ephemera can be seen as “trash” but if I had a newspaper from my grandma’s college, I would not consider that trash by any means.

You know that saying, “if a tree falls in an empty forest, did it make a noise?” In connection to art, I don’t think it matters how many people have seen it but whether someone views it as art.

I think some of the best gifts I’ve given were things that took time and effort to do. It’s easy for me to buy a gift card to someone’s favorite store and I’m sure they’d love it anyway but to be given something that someone took their time on, I think that means a lot more.




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