Artist Conversation

For this exhibit, Elmer and Robert took scrap pieces they found like a piece of palm tree or large scrap of wood and painted portraits of homeless people they met in Los Angeles. The physical pieces are rugged and torn but the portrait on the material is beautiful, soft and expressive. Robert Nehemiah says, “I did portraits of people that influenced my detachment from materialism onto objects that are irrelevant and all the pieces are unprinted meaning that they are not meant to last forever. And form this I learned that not only are the surfaces temporary, but that people are temporary, so it was definitely emotional for me in several ways to make this realization.”

These pieces are meant to shed light on homeless people since most middle/high class folk tend to ignore them. Nehemiah explains, “Many people, especially in a higher class, nicer area ignore homeless people, like they aren’t even people, and in the same way, many people ignore the scraps of these objects because they don’t matter to them.” The meaning behind these pieces was pronounced and clear.

Personally, I loved how creative the whole piece was.  I also enjoyed how the location and people were close to home, for me that meant that the artists take pride in their city and they feel a need to “give back”.


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