Week 5- Automatic Drawing

After spending the whole day with my boyfriend at Disneyland, I knew it would be the perfect time to do my art project. My boyfriend is very supportive and is always open to helping me, especially when it comes to school work. As he was reading over the nstructions he kept saying, “Wow, your professor seems really cool!” and he was even more impressed when I told him that our professor had given a TedTalk recently.

We wanted to get the full experience so brought out the candles, brought out the wine and played some jazz music. We made sure to turn off the lights and that helped seal the deal for us! My boyfriend couldn’t stop giving praise to the whole idea saying, “this is so nice and intimate”, “man your professor sure knows how to set the mood”, “aww this is so romantic.” (He’s very sentimental and cheesy which is one of the many reasons I love him)

We took time to pick out the colors, turn the paper around and give kisses in between. At one point, we even tried to sync up our motions to the jazz music that was playing. We couldn’t help but feel sentimential and excited and that excitement defintiely carried on as we slipped into the bedroom hehe

Thank you professor, you made a good day turn great with this incredibly initmate project!


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