Week 6- Flip Book

For this activity, I was inspired by my favorite comfort food.

It is widely known that college life can be difficult, busy and stressful! This semester has been particularly difficult for me since I have decided to take on so many tasks. One thing that brings me comfort is food. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Umm isn’t stress eating bad for you?” and yes it is. I’m not talking about stress eating though, I’m simply talking about food that brings back memories or pleasure that can ultimately bring comfort.

I filled my flip book with examples of my favorite comfort foods, which include:

French toast, Mexican hot chocolate, grilled cheese, chips and hummus, scrambled eggs with hot dog and apple slices with peanut butter.

What is amazing about this flip book is how person it is to me. Some people may hate the foods I listed but it’s fine because I love them and that’s that. I love art that is relatable but it’s also nice for an artist to be like, “Yeah, this is my life. This is what happened. Here you go.”

So that is what I was inspired  by for this week’s activity.


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