Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Clare Samani

Clare Samani is a senior in the School of Art’s Printmaking program at Cal State Long Beach. She is planning on going to grad school in Louisiana, although she admits to the big change, she explained how she thinks “change is good.” She became interested in art when she would draw with her dad as a child.

The work premieres pieces of clothing varying from shirts, dresses and skirts. They are printed photos but a film over the picture creates a texture throughout the piece. Each photo provides an image of different textured clothing with vibrant colors.

The idea behind these photos is an admiration for fashion and how people use clothes as a form of self expression and discovery. The artist goes into more detail about her exhibit by saying, “Currently I physically work with articles of clothing that I am either given, have found or have bought. I create object-based portraits using the fabric as both a material artifact and tool to creating imagery.”

For me, this exhibit was interesting. After interviewing the artist, she admitted that she’s not the most fashionable person but she definitely admires other people’s fashion. I can relate to that concept very much because I try my best to be fashionable when I want to be and it’s not bad but it’s not as amazing as I’d want it to be.


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