Artist Conversation- Laura Lopez

Laura Lopez is a MFA Fine Arts senior at Cal State Long Beach. Laura is originally from Colombia and she moved to Long Beach in order to receive her masters.
For this exhibit, Laura painted a large canvas of the Amazon. Though it is not the typical depiction of a jungle, Laura used her creativity to bring bright colors. While looking at the painting, we see chaos as the leaves and trees intertwine but it is never messy.
Laura explains the inspiration for this exhibit by stating, “I admire the intelligence of nature that is reflected in the way it continuously creates life through organic patters of growth, that are full of beauty and wisdom. My work is inspired by the philosophy of Pantheism, which envisioned the whole universe as full of spirit, and the intelligence of all life as a whole spiritual reality.”
I truly enjoyed Laura’s art because it was intriguing and beautiful. It was exciting to learn something completely new since I have never heard of Pantheism. I view the Amazon as dark and dangerous but it was fun to see the Amazon through Laura’s eye since it was not nearly as pessimistic as my view.


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