Activity- Design your life

I am a third year theatre student and I am just now taking a hard look at my life and what I need to do.

If I were to imagine the next 5 years with my current life, it would include:

-graduating & getting a car

-working at a paid internship

-landing a job at the place I interned and becoming engaged

-getting promoted, doing theatre outside of work and moving in with my fiance

-getting married.

Although it seems pretty ordinary, I have the resources to accomplish it, I like it, I’m a little confident and it is true to myself.

If everything completely changed, I would:

-major in women studies

-work at an organization that helps abused women

-become involved with organizations that fight for women’s rights

-travel the world with the organization

-tour college campuses to discuss women’s rights.

The resources to accomplish this is pretty high since I already attend college and I think I have an idea of where to start. I do enjoy it, I am pretty confident I could do it (although I am not confident it would make money) and it is true to me.

Now. If money or image wasn’t an issue, I would,

-be cast as Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, get married, buy a house for me and my closest family

-be paid to watch movies and plays, buy Disneyland park but not have to run anything

-have kids and be a badass roller derby athlete

-tour the world with my family

-hold concerts where I only sing my favorite songs and people actually pay to see it.

I love this idea the most and it is the most true to me but my resources and confidence is extremely low.

I was so motivated by David Evan’s presentation that I bought his book on Amazon and I can’t wait to continue to grow and design my life!



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